Should You Use CBD Oil For Dogs?

If you have ever wondered if CBD oil for dogs is really worth the effort, you are not alone. In fact, there is a surprising lack of solid scientific evidence on this topic. Many of the studies that have been done to look at CBD consumption through the eyes of an experimental animal – that is, a rat. While these studies do indicate some potential benefit, they also point to a number of potential problems. View here for more details on CBD oils for dogs.

Let’s start with the dosage issue. You may be forgiven for thinking that CBD oils for dogs would be ineffective if used in any meaningful way outside of human therapeutic use. The problem is that in order to absorb the potency of CBD, it must be present in very small doses in order to produce an effect. This has led to the belief that you can’t put a CBD capsule in your dog’s mouth and expect it to work – at least not effectively. This is not an accurate assessment, since CBD can be absorbed through the skin and into the circulatory system in animals just as effectively as it can in people.

Another issue is CBD’s potential effect on dogs with anxiety disorders. Though it has not been proven, some believe that CBD can play a role in reducing or treating anxiety in dogs. However, this remains a hypothesis, and as of yet there has been no definitive evidence that points to CBD’s ability to treat anxiety in dogs. So while organic cbd for dogs may be helpful in reducing anxiety and stress symptoms.

To be clear, CBD oil is not meant to replace prescription medication in any way. If you have a dog that has chronic medical conditions or that has been prescribed a dosage of prescription medication that your vet has deemed inadequate, then using CBD is not necessarily recommended. For these reasons, it is highly suggested that you use these oils only in moderation and to never administer them without consulting your veterinarian first. Still, many dogs do benefit from CBD oils, so even if you do not want to give your dog prescription strength oil, CBD can be an excellent supplement that can help calm a dog.

The question then becomes – where do you get CBD? While most CBD oils for dogs are available online, like anything else, there are also some “off line” suppliers who are better equipped to handle high-quality products. The top CBD “chemists” generally sell their supplements via subscription services to dedicated dog owners who make a monthly commitment to purchase their oils. The advantage of subscribing to a CBD subscription service is the assurance that you are getting the highest potency of CBD oils available. The downside is that CBD is still not approved by the FDA, meaning that the quality of these supplements can vary quite a bit from store to store.

There are some companies that have begun to manufacture CBD oils for dogs on an Indigogo campaign, so the quality of CBD is much more reliable than it ever was before. You should know, however, that not all CBD for dogs comes from “real” CBD. In fact, the term “CBD” is a marketing term meant to confuse consumers. Real CBD is a plant compound extracted from the leaves of the karkady tree, which has been used for hundreds of years in Russia to treat several health problems including depression and arthritis. We purchased three different CBD for dogs tinctures from three different distributors, and we have found that all of them had a similar level of CBD concentration in their products. If you probably want to get more enlightened on this topic, then click on this related post:

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